Unlike some other hostels, The Purple House Hostel does not post FAKE positive reviews on Trip Advisor (or other travel websites) to ARTIFICIALLY boost our ratings and we don't post fake negative reviews about other business establishments. We do not give our guests financial incentives for good reviews and we DO NOT ask our PERSONAL FRIENDS, FAMILY OR OTHER HOSTELS THAT WE WORK WITH, to write positive reviews for us.  We also don't hire PROFESSIONAL REVIEW COMPANIES to send in fake positive reviews for us or fake negative for other hostels. 

It's relatively easy to spot fake reviews when you know what you are looking for.  Over-the-top language, constant emphasis on selling points (reviews that sound more like advertising), EXTREMELY positive or EXTREMELY negative reviews are usually (not always, of course) obvious clues. If you want to learn more about this phenomena, just do a Google search on "how to spot fake reviews" and you will come up with a lot of material.

We STRONGLY encourage travelers to take the time to research their choices by using various travel websites and other printed resources, especially those that require proof that guest has actually stayed or a reviewer has actually visited.

We really appreciate all the honest feedback that our guests leave us. 

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Here is a selection of some of the positive feedback that we have

received directly at the hostel over the last few years.

(Obviously we would only put the positive stuff on our own website, lol :)  )

November/December 2016

The sun-bathing fountain that they have out in the backyard garden was a nice surprise because David is HOT!  I stayed an extra day to work on my tan.   Uri, Israel

She (the owner) helped me organize a trip to the hotsprings with a taxi who waiting and brought me back.  Great price.  Jonie, USA

The guy that works at night was so helpful and friendly (I arrived at 2am and I am a girl traveling alone).  I really felt that I was at home and safe.  In the morning, the girl who cleans? was also very nice and helped me do my laundry.  The owner was very helpful with tourist information.  Jeanine, Canada


Feb-April 2016

I love all the purple stuff.  The beds were comfortable.  It was a little hot though but I guess that's to be expected in a dorm. William, United Kingdom

This is a really great place to stay. I am not what one might consider a seasoned traveler as I take a vacation outside the U.S about once every 10 years and an annual vacaton about 1 time per year along the east coast of the US most of which remain in Florida. I learned about the Purple House online and have spent the past four days here and the hosts are really great and bi-lingual, who in spite of my 100 questions per day, still put up with me Gustavo even let me practice Spanish with him. My bed is very comfortable and I was able to hook up my CPAP machine in my room starting the first night. I am leaving tomorrow only because I want to explore the highlands of

Panama. The taxi cabs really do know where the Purple House is located so when you get in at way after dark, just say the Purple House and you will have a really great place to stay. The splash pad outside is a necessity and available even during a water shortage, just be aware that you can only get so cool -- treat it like a hot tub. 5 minutes on and wait until your hot again and then turn it back on. You will survive I promise -- I have

Charles from United States

The owner runs a tight ship.  I liked her New York attitude!  Jesse, (New York) USA

It's good that they have lockers and nice that they offer a free locker (until I could buy my own).  Jackie, Ireland

December 2015

"Your staff was very friendly and helpful.  They even helped me with my Spanish!"  Ryan, Canada

"I was there on a quiet day so I was able to spend a few hours uploading my fotos to facebook. Very fast WiFi connection, it would have taken much longer at an internet cafe."  Mikael, USA

"From what I could see they've got the cheapest dorms in all of Panama."  Simby, Austria

January 2014

" The owner made excellent suggestions about places to visit and mentioned some things that we had never even thought of.  Well worth the stop at The Purple House."  Robbie, USA

"Me senti muy comodo en la casa.  Muy limpio, todo."  Victor, Argentina

"The best dorm bed that I have slept in for 5 months!  And I've slept in a lot of dorm beds!"  Sofia, Sweden

"Thank you so much for sending my postcards for me.  I really appreciate it."  Kristin, Canada


June 2013

"I have to come to David City every three months to renew my Costa Rica tourist visa.  Every time I come, I stay at The Purple House and it is like coming home!  Bart, Germany

"I appreciated the free WIFI also since I try to catch up on my emails while I am on vacation."  

Howard, USA

"We didn't meet the owner because she was traveling for the month of October, but we could see that she takes great pride in running a very efficient and well organized hostel/guest house.  The on-site manager and cleaning staff was very friendly to us and made us feel at home."  Stephen and Rae, UK

"Cute-si is a gem but she did eat my roll in the morning while I wasn't looking (at least I think it was her!)" Bridget, UK

"A nice, quiet, clean, secure, place.  Perfect to relax a couple of nights and move on refreshed." 

Gemma, Scotland


February 2012

"Your hostel was so clean!   I also thought it was nice that you donate old clothes to charities."  John from Canada

"I felt very at home in the hostel.  I especially loved Cute-si!" (Our dog.)

Ashley from England

"The owner was very helpful to help my girlfriend find local medical care.  She even offered to go with us to the hospital to translate!"  George and Liz, Australia

"I can't believe how much stuff you managed to find in purple. The next time I visit I will bring you something too."  Rachel from Canada

"The sandwich maker was a nice touch!"  Marne from Denmark


June 2011

'Just wanted to thank you so much for a great stay. I was almost planning to skip over David City and move on to somewhere else, but your nice hostel kept me there for three days!' Tamar from Israel.

'Your hostel is one the cleanest and well maintained places that we have stayed in during our travels in Central America. The high quality of service that you offer for the cheap price is truly quite impressive.' Julie from U.S.A.

'My father wanted to stay in a hotel, but I wanted to meet other young travelers. It worked out perfectly that he could get his own private room with private bath, and I could hang out in the dorms with other travelers.' Kevin from U.S.A.

'You and your staff were very friendly and helpful.' Sabine from Switzerland

'It was a nice party hostel but still we appreciated that we could get a good night sleep for our early hike the next morning.' Jeroen and Erik from Holland