Please read the following information and help us to locate this missing person. 

ALL LEADS WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL IF NECESSARY.  WE AS A COMMUNITY OF TRAVELERS AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OWNERS MAY BE ABLE TO RESOLVE THIS MYSTERY.  WHATEVER THE OUTCOME, LET'S TRY TO HELP JUSTICE AND HIS FAMILY.  If you would like to add this information and/or photo to your web page or travel blog please contact Travis at travis.sandoval1@gmail.com. .  or Andrea, the owner of The Purple House Backpackers Hostel, at purplehousehostel@yahoo.com.   Hostel Owners, please consider putting up these pictures as a screensaver.  Thanks for your help.  


(these photos are from 2002)


The following information was given directly by Justice's brother, Travis.  It was posted on The Lonely Planet Thorntree guide in September 2006. 

Greetings to you all!

I love to travel just like the rest of you. And I appreciate you taking time to read this. I just want to ask all of you about my brother who has been missing for 4 years and some of us are fearing the worst. Some of you may have come across him in your paths, some of you may have met him and even befriended him. His name is Justice, and almost 5 years ago he set off on a backpacking mission from the United States through Mexico and Central America and onward to Chile. He was a wonderful brother, kindhearted soul, a free spirit, an amazing personality and very smart. If you met Justice, you would never forget him. Please email me and let me know if you know anything about where he is today. We miss him and love him very much. He is from Wisconsin, (USA).

He is about 5'6 and he has hispanic features, he had long black curly hair and a beard, he could have dreadlocks now and would be 32 years old.  As far as we know he wasn't into drugs.  About 3 years ago, my father, and brother and I went down to Panama which is the last place we heard from him. Many knew who he was, but had not seen him in a while.  We talked to the embassies and had a Private Investigator. As far as we know his passport has not been used in the last 3 years.  We heard that for 9 months or so in 2003 he was making/selling jewelry in Panama City. He slept in parks, in the jungle, on the beach wherever he could throughout 2003.    I am very grateful that there are wonderful people out there willing to help me out in finding my brother Justice (Justicio). If you happen to see him or someone who looks like him, please take a picture and send it to us. Everything helps.   All we want to know is if he is ok, if he wants to stay down there, that is ok, we just want to hear him talk.     Peace and love to you all of you,   Travis Tangerine231@hotmail.com      

A Word from Andrea at The Purple House:

Justice (Justicio) stayed as a guest here before he arrived to Panama City.  I personally met him at the bus terminal of David City, Panama, and I was so impressed by his easy going personality, that I invited him back to the Purple House to work here as a temporary helper (to save him some money). He was a very friendly, warm person, and he immediately gave off a good vibe.  He was only here for a couple of days, because the working situation didn't work out, and he moved on quickly.  He was travelling with almost nothing...he had the equivalent of a book bag, and told me that he had given his things away in Nicaragua because he didn't need so much stuff.  I remember that about him...that he hardly had anything. Aside from the fact that he didn't have much, he actually (inadvertently?) left behind a black business card case, that was full of business cards of businesses and people located in Arizona.   We discarded it about 6 months later, because he never claimed it (and of course, we didn't know he was missing).  His plan at the time of his visit with us, was to try to do the walk from Panama to Colombia, through the dense rainforest of the Darien Gap.  This is a highly unrecommendable trek, and we tried to discourage him, but he seemed determined to do it.  It was my first thought when I heard he was missing that he actually tried it but then we heard that he had been spotted for months in Panama City.  So that is my information on him.   WE WILL CONTINUE TO PUBLISH ANY NEW INFORMATION ON THE LONELY PLANET THORNTREE GUIDE AND THIS WEB PAGE.